GREEN BUILDERS is the Middle East exclusive licensee & master licensor (license provider) for AFM-USA products & systems. Products are shown below





1. R- Control SIPs - structural insulated panels; strong structural system consisting of Foam-Control® EPS   (expanded polystyrene) insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. This simple sandwich forms an amazingly strong structural panel for building walls, roofs and floors.

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2. Foam-Control EPS ; Eps expanded polystyrene heat insulation for walls, roofs, Eifs, Geofoam ,packaging...etc

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3. Foam-Control Geofoam; Eps light weight earth fill &leveling material for road,   infrastructure &landscaping projects...etc

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Foam-Control EPS is also used for applications as;

. ICF (insulated concrete forms) structural system; providing both heat insulation & lost shuttering for concrete pouring



. INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING for  packaging industry & cold storage

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4. ULTRA SCREEN ; Sight & sound barriers used as highway and commercial barriers and privacy fencing around residential or commercial property

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ENGINEERED WOOD CONSTRUCTION EXPERTISE; GREEN BUILDERS is also introducing to the middle east the utmost green construction engineered wood technology whereby R control sips can also be used as walls and or roof panels .Engineered wood Construction engineering will be in accordance to ICC esr (international code council evaluation service report) &IBC ( International code council evaluation service report & International building code ) &IRC (international residential code) &WFCM (wood frame construction manual ) & as per   AWC/APA ( American wood council/American engineered wood association ) standards &specifications


STRAW BALE CONSTRUCTION: GREEN BUILDERS is also introducing to the Middle East the utmost green Straw bale construction technology in accordance to USA straw bale building codes



GREEN BUILDERS may also provide –upon agreement-feasibility studies, marketing research & business plans, technical & management training, full organization setup & marketing & sales implementation for its products & technologies.