GREEN BUILDERS is the Middle East master licensor (license provider) of R-Control SIPs & Foam- Control EPS & Foam-Control Geofoam products & systems of AFM –USA. AFM-USA has distinctive Environmental credentials


AFM is  PARTNER of ENERGY STAR joint program  of US EPA
( environment protection agency)  &US DOE(department of energy )



AFM is member of USGBC  (united states green building council)


AFM Rcontrol moldicide coating which is Frame Guard is EPA (Environmental protection agency-Usa) registered & is also winner of Nahb (National association of green home builders-Usa) green product prize 2007 & also green guard & green spec listed
AFM Foam  Control Termite resistant chemical is  EPA  registered




World Greenest buildings & AFM-USA

LEED 1st Platinum building Philip Merrill yr2000 –USA R CONTROL SIPS – for exterior walls & roof

Download project profile at  http://www.r-control.com/projects/philip-merrill-center.asp & see its case study on Usgbc Leed site http://leedcasestudies.usgbc.org/overview.cfm?ProjectID=69





LEED Highest Platinum Score -Aldo Leopold centre USA –Yr 2007
R CONTROL SIPS- for building envelope (exterior walls & roof) structure
Download project profile at   http://www.r-control.com/projects/aldo-center.asp & see its case study on Leed site  http://leedcasestudies.usgbc.org/overview.cfm?ProjectID=946





Future house USA – FHUSA will represent the USA  as a showcase  for  high performance, non-toxic, Zero Net Energy House at Olympic city Beijing 2008
R CONTROL SIPS for building envelope (exterior walls & roof)structure see project at www.futurehouseusa.org





In addition to AFM utmost products & systems, Green builders has also pursued to introduce other utmost green construction technologies and knowhow as wood & straw bale construction


Wood Green construction

  • Wood is the only construction material that absorbs CO2 more than the production process emits  Why build cement & block factories & pollute our planet, harm our children health when we can build better in wood & plant more tress , purify & cleanse our environment &maintain our children health

Good news for a healthy planet; every ton of grown wood in forest .absorbs 1.47 ton of carbon dioxide & produces 1.07 tons of oxygen

  • The following table as published by CORRIM indicates the embodied energy comparison between wood(lumber) & concrete structure which shows that concrete construction has embodied energy  environmental impact of approximately three times

  • Due to growing construction industry dependant on wood, 4 million rapid growing trees are planted daily for industry harvesting.



  • Straw bale construction can help to greatly alleviate the rice straw burning problem that causes smoke pollution in Egypt & other countries , moreover straw bale construction is economic , natural , highly insulative & can be built &finished in different beautiful architectural designs & finishes

•   The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) the very first ANSI consensus standard on sustainable green building for residential construction was published recently.  It was co-developed by the ICC and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  It is intended to be used as an optional standard that can be adopted by a municipality to incorporate green building standards into their community.  It specifically makes reference to alternate materials to be considered for residential construction, such as straw, logs, rammed earth, adobe, etc. The ICC is currently developing a commercial version of the NGBS, titled the International Green Construction Code (IGCC), which is currently set for completion in 2011, and is also intended to be a basis for green materials used in construction. Both of these documents are meant to encourage the use of alternate materials (some of which have been around for a thousand years), and create a basis for code officials to approve the use of these materials by creating some guidelines and/or methods of installation.